Absorbent Pads, Rolls & Socks

Lets make sure that you buy or compare the right products. Not all competitors make the same weights and or size products.  Know what you are looking at.

H = Heavy Weight, M = Medium Weight, S = Single Weight   

  • Always Best to check the weight per bale you are comparing 

Grey = Universal,    White & Blue = Oil Only,    Yellow & Green = HazMat 

1ply = meltblown 

2ply = Spunbond cover meltblown back   

3ply =  Fine Fiber or Spunbond with meltblown in the middle


Absorbent pads and rolls are indispensable tools for spill control across various industries. Designed to swiftly contain and soak up spills of liquids such as oils, chemicals, and water, these versatile products offer an efficient solution for maintaining workplace safety and cleanliness. 

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