Storm Sentinel Curb Inlet Filter, Black

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Storm Sentinels are the ideal products for preventing harmful pollutants from washing into storm drains. The Curb Inlet Filter features a rigid coiled center wrapped in non-woven geotextile. Stormwater easily passes through the coiled filter, preventing sediment and other pollutants from entering the catch basin. The coil remains rigid after installation, allowing the unit to maintain its position and filtration even during the largest storm events. The 4'L x 5" Diameter is a standard size suitable for most applications, but custom sizes are also available upon request. Installation (detailed below) will vary based on curb inlet type, but complete solutions are available for full protection and compliance!

Storm Sentinel® Drain Inserts are manufactured in the United States of America. All components and raw materials are 100% American made.

For full protection and best performance, the Curb Inlet Filter (4346) is combined with a drop inlet filter for Curb + Drop Inlet drains, or with weighted filter bags for Curb Inlet ONLY drains. The differences are illustrated below.


Curb + Drop Inlet

The apron of the 4346 is perfect for curb + drop inlets, where the weight of the grate holds the curb inlet filter perfectly in place. In addition, a drop inlet filter is needed to capture contaminants entering the drop inlet. A framed drop inlet insert (4341) is easiest for installation, but a frameless drop insert (4320) is effective and affordable.


Curb Inlet Only

Shown: 4346 + 4345-BX2

For curb inlets without the drop inlet in front of the curb inlet, the curb inlet filter (4346) must be secured. First, the apron/skirt is trimmed off or wrapped around the coiled center. Next, the filter coil is positioned in front of the curb inlet and then weighted by filter bags (4345-BX2), attached to both ends. The bags each weigh 4 lbs and include sewn-in hook (velcro) for attaching to the 4346 and weighing the unit against the curb. Additional weighted bags can be used to weigh down the center or for connecting multiple units.