4346 Storm Sentinel Curb Inlet Filter, Oil-Absorbing, Gray 48"X5"

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Storm Sentinels are the ideal products for preventing harmful pollutants from washing into storm drains. This Storm Sentinel Curb Inlet Filter features a rigid coiled center wrapped in an oil-absorbing Spilltration material. The coiled center remains rigid, allowing the unit to maintain its shape even during the largest storm events. There are no special tools required for installation. Each curb inlet includes two weighted bags that are attached to the curb inlet via a hook & loop, securing the unit to the ground and against the curb. As the stormwater flows along the curb, the weighted bags redirect the water to the center of the filter where sediment, oil and other pollutants are removed while water passes through. As an added bonus, additional weighted bags can be purchased in larger units for attaching multiple 4' sections together. Lastly, the weighted bags are fully customizable, they can attach to the Curb Inlet anywhere. Regular visual inspection is recommended to ensure the unit is weighted properly positioned and filtering stormwater effectively. The Spilltration fabric is manufactured with recycled materials and absorbs both oils and hydrocarbons, as well as removing sediment. Use ENPAC Storm Sentinel Curb Inlet Filters to protect the environment and remain compliant!

Storm Sentinel® Drain Inserts are manufactured in the United States of America. All components and raw materials are 100% American made.

  • Length = 48"
  • Diameter = 5"
  • Includes (2) 2 lbs. Non-Woven Geotextile Weight Bags
  • Material = Spilltration Husky Fabric
  • Customizable to longer lengths with the purchase of additional Weight Bags (4347-BG-BX2)
  • Easy installation - No Special Tools required