48-RSB-FS Stinger Rail Track Berm, Black 6'x4'x1'

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The Stinger Rail Berm is designed to provide portable spill containment. Simply place the spill berm under the valves of a rail tank car, with part of the sump going over the rail, to capture any possibility of leaks during loading and unloading.

  • Lightweight and temporary containment
  • Capture liquids for rail tank cars
  • Fits over the rails to contain the valves during bottom loading/unloading
  • Berm spill capacity up to 120 gallons
  • Inside rail compartment sump is 4x4x12
  • Outside compartment sump is 4x18x12 for large releases
  • Outside compartment has 2 drains with a male CAM-LOC fitting for hoses
  • Durable and fuel-resistant fabric