Round, Cone Style Storm Sentinel® Catch Basin Insert, Adjustable, Black

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Storm Sentinel® Catch Basin Inserts are the ideal products for preventing harmful pollutants from washing into storm drains. This framed model comes complete with an adjustable steel wire frame for simple installation and removal.

  • Adjustable frame
  • One-person installation and removal
  • Sits below the grate to be low-profile and unobtrusive
  • Geotextile fabric prevents contaminated sediment from washing into the drain
  • Standard versions feature overflow bypass ports for high-flow storm events, preventing storm water backup around drains
  • Reusable until product no longer maintains adequate water flow
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Complies with regulations when used in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Multiple sizes, models, and custom sizes available
  • US Patent No. 10,384,155
Part Number Min Dia.
in. (cm)
Max Dia.
in. (cm)
Absorption Cap
gal. (L)
Regular (Sediment, Trash, Debris)
4340-CONE 25 (63.5) 28 (71) N/A
4340-22-CONE 22 (56) 24 (61) N/A
No Overflow (Sediment, Trash, Debris)
4340-NO-CONE 25 (63.5) 28 (71) N/A
4340-22-NO-CONE 22 (56) 24 (61) N/A
Oil Absorbing (Oils, Sediment, Trash, Debris)  
4340-CONE-IB 25 (63.5) 28 (71) 0.23 (0.87)
4340-22-IB-CONE 22 (56) 24 (61) 0.23 (0.87)


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