16R Plug N Dike Plug Rug, 16"x16"

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Need a pre-made leak stopper for any size hole or even catch basins? Plug N Dike Plug Rugs have you covered. Plug Rugs consist of a top Polyethylene liner and a bottom layer of Plug N Dike. Plug N Dike paste instantly sticks to metal drums and fuel tanks. Stops leaks during emergency spills, protecting workers and the environment.

  • Low-temp Plug N Dike works in cold temperatures, down to -15 deg C.
  • Bentonite Glycol mix provides excellent chemical resistance for fuel leaks.
  • No surface preparation required, easily sticks to dirty or rusty surfaces.
  • Plug Rugs are pre-made and ready to use immediately.
  • Primarily used for fuels and non-miscible solvents.
  • Not recommended for plugging containers of antifreeze, acids, caustics, or oxidizers.