Imbiber Beads Sand Mix 20 Pounds, White

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Imbiber Beads represent the next evolution in absorbent technology. Unlike polypropylene absorbents, these unique beds absorb and hold onto organic hydrocarbons for added piece of mind. They have a color changing feature that indicates the presence of hazardous materials in a system. With a wide variety of options, Imbiber beads are a versatile solution for any containment scenario.

This sand/Bead mix is ideal for absorbing oils from roadways and sealing ditches to prevent further penetration of hydrocarbons into soil. It is also useful for creating a dam around drains and sewers in case of a spill.

  • True absorption of hydrocarbon means the spill in truly contained
  • Color changing feature to indicate contamination
  •  Sand mix is heavier and won’t blow away in outdoor applications
  • Reduces toxic/flammable vapors by up to 600x
  • Suitable for oils, gasoline, diesel, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and more