Geotextile Ground Pad, Black

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SKU: 48-461-BRM-DB

Protect berms from truck wheels and rough terrain with the durable Black Diamond ground pad for spill containment berms. 

  • Place under the berm, on the ground, to prevent punctures to the berm
  • One-piece, fit to size of berm
  • Material: 8 oz. Geotextile
  • Compatible with all ENPAC spill berms
  • Custom sizes available
Part Number Dimensions
WxL ft.
lb. (kg)
For Use With
BD-44-GP 4'W x 4'L 2 (0.9) 4'x4' Berms
BD-55-GP 5'W x 5'L 2 (0.9) 5'x5' Berms
BD-66-GP 6'W x 6'L 3 (1.4) 6'x6' Berms
BD-88-GP 8'W x 8'L 4 (1.8) 8'x8' Berms
BD-1010-GP 10'W x 10'L 5 (2.2) 10'x10' Berms
BD-1212-GP 12'W x 12'L 8 (3.5) 12'x12' Berms
BD-1616-GP 16'W x 16'L 12 (5.4) 16'x16' Berms
BD-1220-GP 12'W x 20'L 14 (6.4) 12'x20' Berms
BD-1230-GP 12'W x 30'L 19 (8.6) 12'x30' Berms
BD-1240-GP 12'W x 40'L 26 (11.8) 12'x40' Berms
BD-1250-GP 12'W x 50'L 30 (13.6) 12'x50' Berms
BD-1260-GP 12'W x 60'L 35 (15.9) 12'x60' Berms